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Market Update
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Research/Market Update
Market Update is a monthly publication circulated by USI Advisors, Inc. and is designed to highlight various market and economic information.
December 2017 Market Update
“What a Year!”
Markets continued to set record highs in December. In light of the tax reform bill passing, most indexes rang in the New Year on a very high note. 2017 will most likely be remembered as one of the most remarkable years on record, not only for the double digit market gains, but also for the extremely low volatility associated with these returns amidst rising geopolitical risks, natural disasters, conflicts in Washington, and tighter monetary policy...
November 2017 Market Update
“Equity Markets Reaching New Highs”
Robust synchronized global growth continued to support a solid advancement in all major indexes during the month of November. The global stock market, represented by the MSCI AC World Index, has registered a positive return in every single month in 2017, a significant milestone for the 30-year index...
October 2017 Market Update
“More of the Same...”
Equity markets continue their upward march, reaching new highs every week. The S&P 500 has hit 46 all-time highs so far this year and we are in the 8th year of a bull market. Even though the age of the expansion raises questions about sustainability, previous expansions have been more likely to die of poor health than of old age..
September 2017 Market Update
“Markets Close Third Quarter on a Positive Note”
Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea continued to escalate when the country fired a missile over Japan and threatened to test a nuclear bomb over the Pacific. In addition, three major hurricanes have hit the U.S. over the last few weeks which have caused billions of dollars in damages...
August 2017 Market Update
“Investors remain optimistic amid geopolitical uncertainty”
August is traditionally characterized with lower trading volume when some on Wall Street head to vacation to enjoy the last few days of the summer while Congress is also in recess. However, with the upsurge of domestic political issues, escalating U.S.-North Korea tensions, and devastating flooding in the Houston area caused by Hurricane Harvey...
July 2017 Market Update
“No Equity Market Slowdown Yet!”
US equity markets closed out the second quarter with a strong June and opened up the third quarter with an even better showing in the month of July. Solid market gains in the U.S. were seemingly driven by improving economic fundamentals...
June 2017 Market Update
“Markets Continue to Show Resilience”
US equity markets finished the first half of the year on a strong note, making investors question whether there is enough fuel to push the rally through the second half of the year. Strong market performance was initially driven by expectations of the new administration’s fiscal policies...
May 2017 Market Update
“I’m Still Standing”
As predictions of a market slowdown or even a correction have continuously hovered in the back of investors’ minds, Elton John’s hit song “I’m Still Standing” seemingly describes the current market rather well. The market is still standing...
April 2017 Market Update
“Investors Continue to Hold On”
We have had a powerful rally since the November election with the S&P 500 gaining about 15% since that time. However, as mentioned in our last market commentary, investors are starting to doubt the pace at which the pro-growth policies may be implemented, given the recent stumbles President Trump has run into over immigration and health-care reform...
March 2017 Market Update
“Time to Pause and Reflect?”
Since the Presidential Election, the equity markets have soared to record high levels, levels that many thought we would not see for quite some time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 18,332 on November 8th, as voters flocked to the voting booths. Fast forward to the end of March and the Dow closed at an astounding 20,663...
February 2017 Market Update
“Has the Market Gotten Ahead of Itself?”
While the U.S. remains very divided politically, the stock market continues to reach new highs based on expectations that the new administration will enact tax reform, regulatory relief and fiscal spending...
January 2017 Market Update
“Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside The Car at All Times”
As markets finished off 2016 quite strong, sending equity valuations even higher, some wondered whether there would be a reversion to the mean at the beginning of 2017. Well, with January in the books, the final numbers showed that markets continued to climb...
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