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Market Update
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Research/Market Update
Market Update is a monthly publication circulated by USI Advisors, Inc. and is designed to highlight various market and economic information.
December 2016 Market Update
“New Fiscal Plans Fuel Market Outperformance”
After all the political turmoil and growing populist sentiment throughout 2016, the final month of the year ended on a positive note. Domestic and international equity markets finished December with gains and posted double digit returns for the full calendar year...
November 2016 Market Update
“Markets React Positively to Election Outcome”
Politics continued to grab headlines both on the domestic and international levels during the month of November. After one of the most divisive U.S. presidential elections, Donald Trump’s victory shocked both voters and investors alike...
October 2016 Market Update
“Election Concerns Take Center Stage”
Traditional market fundamentals took a back seat in October as investors were focused on the U.S. presidential election. We had anticipated volatility to increase as we approach the election and equity markets subsequently were down for the month...
September 2016 Market Update
“November Election Puts Markets on Hold”
Markets were relatively flat in September but experienced increased volatility from the previous month. Investors anxiously awaited the FOMC meeting along with other economic data. Political uncertainty, both at home and overseas, continues to play a significant role in market volatility...
August 2016 Market Update
“The Summer Ends Quietly… ”
The month of August was an especially quiet time for markets in the U.S. In addition to investments across the board putting up conservative yet positive numbers, economic data was also very modest but generally in the positive direction. GDP and jobs proved a little underwhelming; however, August does have a reputation of being disappointing...
July 2016 Market Update
“Markets Remain Resilient Among Uncertainty”
The initial financial market reaction to the UK’s decision to leave the Eurozone faded in early July as investors realized that the terms of the separation will likely play out over a number of years. The markets produced robust returns for the month. Even developed markets that were more directly impacted by the outcome of the Brexit finished the month in the black. Overall, we didn’t see the same level of volatility that has dominated the markets so far this year...
June 2016 Market Update
“Brexit Sends Shockwaves around the World”
June was a historic month for economic history as the United Kingdom became the first nation to leave the European Union. The vote sent shockwaves through the media and through world markets, as about $3 Trillion worth of global market value dissolved in a matter of two days. Along with the markets went the British pound, which lost 12% of its value over the same period. Although the exact terms for their departure and the longer term impact are unknown at this time, investors’ fears appeared to subside at the end of the month and domestic markets recouped most of their losses. The U.S. became the obvious safe haven for startled investors....
June 2016 Market Alert
“UK Votes to Leave EU”
Brexit concerns have dominated the news over the last few months and United Kingdom (UK) voters surprised the markets when they elected to leave the European Union (EU) yesterday after 43 years of membership. The unprecedented nature of this decision coupled with the fact that markets were leaning towards a “Remain” vote, have led to a sharp decline in the global equity markets. Following is a summary of USI Advisors observations on the political, economic and market impact of this decision. USI Advisors will continue to assess the longer term implications of the Brexit vote and will provide a detailed Research Update accordingly...
May 2016 Market Update
“Markets Continue Their Rollercoaster Ride”
Increased uncertainty about several economic and political themes created more volatility in the markets for the month of May. Domestic markets ended the month positive but fears about future Fed action, the upcoming elections and poor earnings growth caused ups and downs over the course of the month. Performance results were also mixed overseas due to investors’ worries about Brexit and new fears about China...
April 2016 Market Update
“Markets Stay Steady Despite Mixed Signals”
Equity, Fixed Income and International markets were mostly positive in April. This comes despite mixed economic data throughout the month, including the slowest quarterly U.S. GDP growth rate in two years. The Fed recognized these mixed signals with a decision not to move rates at the recent Federal Open Market Committee Meeting on April 27...
March 2016 Market Updatew
“March Rescues The First Quarter”
Markets ended the first quarter on a positive note, erasing all losses that we experienced at the beginning of the year. The Fed’s decision to keep rates unchanged and improved economic data pushed the major indices significantly higher, putting them in positive territory year to date...
February 2016 Market Update
“The Long Haul Back From January”
February continued January’s trend of producing unattractive investment returns and mixed economic news around the world. China, oil, and the consumer remain atop global headlines. Investors are also keenly watching economic releases in order to sniff out any possibility of a recession. Overall, February produced better economic and investment results than January and most experts find little possibility of a recession in the near future...
January 2016 Review
“A Not So Happy New Year?”
The first three weeks of 2016 represented one of the worst starts of a New Year on record as major equity indices lost between 5% and 10%. In our opinion, what led to this tumultuous start is a repeat of similar themes that played out in the summer of 2015, including global growth worries, plummeting oil prices and uncertainty regarding central bank policies. Although market volatility has increased significantly after years of relative calm, it is important for investors to pay attention to long term fundamentals as opposed to short-term noise...
January 2016 Market Alert
Recent market volatility both domestically and around the globe, has caused many investors to revisit their investment strategy at the open of 2016. Over the first few weeks of the year, several themes have emerged as likely determinants of future market returns. At USI Advisors, we believe many of the concerns being addressed by market participants currently, are not new revelations, but instead represent a reassessment of prior conditions...
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